Helpdesk Costumer Service
The Helpdesk Central acts as connecting link between the company and its users, it must have a fast register and assistence system to problems solving, routing for specialists, registers of the solution and correlation that allow pro-active actions for preventive and corrective nature.


Consultancy and Informatics
In a so competitive market, it’s vital the quality of products and services offered to streamline the growth and success of your Company. Our mission is to help our clientes benefit from the existing technological resources in order to raise its productivity and safety.


Definition and Implantation of I.T Security Policies
Security Policies are related to protection of a database, in the meaning of preserving the value they have for an organization. The basic characteristics of information security are: secrecy undertaking, integrity, availability, and authenticity.


Installation and Configurations of Network Equipments
We elaborate network projects, with installation and implementation of wire or wireless equipments.


Monitoring and Management of Servers and Workstations
We monitor and manage our clients’ local or remotely servers and work stations, anticipating ourselves in case of failures and network problems.


Training and Implantation of Systems
Installation, implantation, and training of Companies in the use of management systems and processes control.

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