Alecrim Informatics is a company that has been working in the segment of Information Technology since 1998, focused on Support to Computer Networks, Helpdesk, Sevicedesk, Outsourcing, besides the Qualification in Management Systems and Processes Control.

Our main focus is in helping our clients in their relationship with technology, in order to keep them competitive in their segments.

Our aims are related to attention, satisfaction, engagement, reliability, quality, and personalization of the services provided.

Our analists are graduated and have a Microsoft Certification. Our Company invests in courses and lectures so that our collaborators are always updated with the latest in our segment.

All of our employees get to our clients properly dressed in their uniforms using an ID card to make their recognition easy and, if necessary, we are able to assist our clients in English, German, French, and Spanish. For this, please request in our Central Office.




We believe:

• Simplicity and practicality are ways to be followed.
• Small and medium-sized companies, in their important social role, and in their capacity to better manage the impacts to society.
• One of the main goals of a company is, besides surviving, help improve the existing social conditions, and the people in the most diverse ways.
• In a friendly, honest, totally open relationship with our clientes.
• In the constant need to widen our view.
• The technology’s role goes beyond of just raising the output.

Alecrim Informatics – 1572 cj 221, Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue – São Paulo, SP – Zip Code 01451-001 – Phone: +55 (11) 3038-3038