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About Us


Our Story... So far

From small, private firms to mid-size businesses, Alecrim can offer the IT support that you need to ensure a smooth business operation

Since 2001, we are focused on supporting our clients’ IT infrastructure, from leveraging an entire operation to keep it productivity at all times, including: service desk, deskside support, networking, telecom, procurement, asset management, security and consulting.

We’re now present in both Latin America and Europe regions, including the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Portugal.

Our mission

Support people and businesses on their daily usage of hardware, software and technology, providing the world's most friendly, reliable and efficient customer service experience.

Our vision

To be a service desk company with worldwide experience, providing a highly customized service, with deep respect to the cultural and diversity of our clients and employees, as well as attentive to the sustainability of our activities and to the most recent technological innovations.

We value

Transparency and Integrity, Proximity and Respect, Ethics, Professionalism and, Excellence, Passion for technology, Privacy and Confidentiality

What we do best

We are driven by delivering the best experience and results for your business and employees.